A Network of Partners

Clover recognizes the added value of partnerships and collaboration.

Clover understands the compound problems that extreme poverty presents. People in these circumstances have overwhelming challenges in the areas of employment, adult education and training, clean water and food security, housing, and safety. We know that partners in both Uganda and the US enhance the opportunity for sustainable, positive impact on the children and families we serve. Our current partners are:

  • Global Literacy Collaborative/Curious Learning:
    • This partnership brings the latest technology from the MIT Media Lab and research findings from the Center for Reading and Learning Research at Tufts University to Clover children in the form of tablets with literacy apps specially designed for self-learning.
  • Tailored for Education
    • This organization funds our purchase of uniforms for Clover graduates who are in primary school.
  • Aids Information Center
    • AIC is an NGO in Uganda who provides Clover with an integrated program for pediatric HIV management and other health services addressing nutrition, immunization, growth monitoring, and family planning. These services will be open to our preschoolers’ parents and the broader community.
  • Aamara Biswas  
    • This is Clover’s most recent partnership, which provides Clover with a proven concept to economically empower the mothers of Clover children to improve their livelihoods, so that they in turn can provide a better life for their family and themselves.