About Us

Our mission is to provide vulnerable children in the urban neighborhoods of Kampala, Uganda with early childhood education, support their health and wellbeing, and empower them to reach their full potential.

People who
make it possible

Ugandan Clover Board

Our two boards, one based in Uganda and the other in the United States, work in close partnership to advance our vision of a more productive and equitable future for Ugandan children.

Ivan Makumbi

Board Chair, Board of Directors - Uganda

Iman Sengendo

Director - Uganda

Esther Makumbi

Program Director - Uganda

Pius Kato

Director - Uganda

Fatinah Nakafeero

Secretary/Clerk - Uganda

Fatuma Sengendo

Treasurer - Uganda

US Clover Board

Ann Niederpruem

President- US

Evelyn Abayaah

Communications Committee Chair - US

Pamela Weissbourd

Director - US

Hannah Polakoff

Board Secretary - US

Wade Callison

Director - US

Phyllis Strimling

Governance Committee Chair - US

Diane Mercer

Director - US

Edie Lipinski

Fundraising Committee Chair - US

Stacey Becker

Director - US

History of Clover

Clover was founded in 2013 by two Ugandan women – Esther Makumbi in Kampala and Salma Semakula in Massachusetts – to help the vulnerable children in their neighborhood of Busega, Kampala.  Clover preschool is a lifelong dream now realized for these two women.

The Clover Foundation is a grassroots organization founded and led by the community it serves in Busega, Kampala, Uganda. Clover operates one of the only free pre-schools in Busega and provides for their students’ primary education. Using a holistic approach, the Clover Foundation supports the health care, nutrition, and wellbeing of its students to enable them to focus on their education while providing a nano-finance program to foster a stable environment to help families grow and thrive within their community.

We consist of two separate organizations, each with their own board, and a affiliation agreement between the two. Clover Foundation US is a 501 (c) (3) organization focused primarily on fund raising. Clover Foundation Uganda is an NGO incorporated in Uganda, which operates and provides direction for our programs.

Our Partners

Clover understands the compound problems that extreme poverty presents. People in these circumstances have overwhelming challenges in the areas of employment, adult education and training, clean water and food security, housing, and safety. We know that partners in both Uganda and the US enhance the opportunity for sustainable, positive impact on the children and families we serve. Clover has worked with the following organizations:

This is one of Clover’s long standing partnership, which provides Clover with a proven concept to economically empower the mothers of Clover children to improve their livelihoods, so that they in turn can provide a better life for their family and themselves.
This organization funds our purchase of uniforms for Clover graduates who are in primary school.
AIC is an NGO in Uganda that provides Clover with an integrated program for pediatric HIV management and other health services addressing nutrition, immunization, growth monitoring, and family planning. These services will be open to our preschoolers’ parents and the broader community.
This partnership brings the latest technology from the MIT Media Lab and research findings from the Center for Reading and Learning Research at Tufts University to Clover children in the form of tablets with literacy apps specially designed for self-learning.

Our Documents

Clover US is a public charity under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)  501 (c) (3). Our EIN code is 46-2427589.

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Clover Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an NGO in Uganda. We count on your support to help children in Kampala learn, grow and thrive.

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