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Dear Friend of Clover,

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. 

Thank You

Speaking of family, we recently shared the inspiring story of Mariah, one of our young students at our Clover Preschool in Uganda. We loved hearing all the feedback to that story, and are grateful for the many donations sent in response.

Esther’s Visit

A few weeks ago, we met with some of our friends in Massachusetts and DC when the Director of our Clover Preschool, Esther Makumbi, visited to share updates from our school and community in Busega. This was Esther’s second visit to the USA this year. It has been wonderful to be able to gather in-person again, and have Esther meet our USA friends. It is clear from her comments that Clover continues to transform the lives of the children and families we support in Uganda.

A Busy Year

2023 has been a busy one for Clover, and not without its challenges. We had to pick ourselves up after the devastating loss of our founder, Peter Hilton, and ensure we continued his legacy of supporting the neediest children and families in Busega, Uganda. 

In January, 10 new students joined the Baby Class in our Preschool, bringing the total number of preschool students up to 45. 

This year, we also paid school fees and provided other support to 53 children who attended Eaglets Academy Primary School. We also helped our first 15 primary school graduates “launch” into high school, and provided them with school fees and supplies they needed for their first year of high school. 

And finally, our Kisoboka Nano-Finance Initiative for parents and caregivers continues to provide much-needed support to our parents and caregivers. In 2023, 80 parents and caregivers received nano loans and participated in our training sessions. 

A child making a contribution in a Clover class.

Keeping a Promise

As we look ahead to 2024, we wanted to share our plans for the coming year. While we have had to modify our ambitious school building project, we are now working on more modest plans with the hope to move the preschool out of Esther’s home and into our own school building by the end of 2024. This is a promise Peter made to Esther, and it is one we are committed to fulfilling. 

You will have heard the African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Clover, we are raising a whole community of children and bringing hope to them and their families. Your generosity makes this hope possible. During this season of giving, we ask that you dig deep and support the great work Esther and her team of teachers are doing in Busega. Every dollar counts.

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season.

Warm regards,
Wade Callison and Evelyn Abayaah,
Clover Chair and Vice Chair

Mariah’s Story of Transformation – The Impact of Clover

A story of transformation - Mariah in one of the Clover classrooms

“From the first day I met her, it was clear that she was struggling,” says Esther Makumbi, Clover Preschool Director, of when she first met Mariah. “It was evident she lacked sufficient feeding. She lacked confidence, and was not happy.” Esther spoke about how when she was first admitted to the school, the little girl could not make it to class every day. “When Mariah first came in, she used to miss school a lot, because she was often sick, or unable to make it to school for some other reason, so we knew they were struggling back home.”

Mariah’s mother says she has seen her daughter change. Before joining Clover Preschool, Mariah was constantly hungry and, like her siblings, often hungry even after their scant meals had been eaten. Now, with the nutrition program that Clover provides, Mariah does not worry about food anymore.  “She is fed very well,” Mamma Mariah says. “When she gets home she doesn’t even want to drink tea or eat anything else, maybe later in the evening. She says they give her tea, bread, and many other things. She tells me that she always thanks Teacher Rose for serving her.”

Mamma Mariah ends off with a word of gratitude. “I would love to thank the people at Clover really so much. We really appreciate them, because Mariah would still be seated home were it not for them.”

Read Mariah’s full story here

Thank You for your contribution to Clover Foundation. Your donation contributes to a future filled with hope for children like Mariah. Your gift transforms children’s lives!

This is how your donation can make a difference:

  • $100 purchases school and sports uniforms for one primary school child  
  • $250 provides two meals and a snack each day for a week for all of Clover’s pre-schoolers. 
  • $500 sponsors one child’s schooling for a year.
  • $1,000 covers the cost of school supplies at the Clover Preschool.
  • $1,500 provides the monthly salaries of Clover’s director and four teachers.