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Steven and Michael are brothers and Clover graduates who now are at Eaglet Academy Primary School. A year ago their father, a motorcycle taxi driver, was disabled in an accident. With a baby at home, their mother, Mary, struggled to hold her young family together, balancing her work as a hairdresser and now the wage earner of the family.

During this difficult time, Stephen and Michael were nurtured and supported at Clover. They learned English, gained confidence in the classroom, and played with their friends. Well prepared and eager, they passed the entrance exams for primary school and are now at Eaglets Academy in Busega, Kampala, also supported by Clover.  

Steven and Michael will tell you they love their new school! Steven, quiet and generous, earned an “excellent” in social studies and Lugandan and is working to improve in math. Gregarious Michael has made steady progress and is doing especially well in reading and writing. Imagine how excited both boys must be by the experiences that lie ahead!