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Clover Students Excel in School Elections

By October 31, 20232 Comments

Class elections bring to mind bright poster boards, flyers, and students debating and making impassioned pleas as to why they’re the best person for the role. It’s an act that takes confidence, courage and the ability to spend time connecting with your school community. Recently, Clover elementary school students attending Eaglets Academy had the chance to do exactly this – run for school leadership positions.

To fulfill these roles, students must be willing to interact with school administrators, as well as collect the ideas and thoughts of their peers and present them to the faculty and administration. It’s a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, as well as demonstrate independence and teamwork. 

Clover student campaign poster

CONGRATULATIONS to the five Clover students who ran for, and secured, student leadership positions:

Kevin,  Entertainment Prefect. In this position, Kevin helps organize the time schedule for the term’s entertainment programs with the entertainment master and entertainment committee and ensures students who participate know and follow the rules.

Josef, Assistant Time Keeper. The Clover Foundation helped Josef gain the confidence to run for this position by supplying him with the watch he’d need to carry out his duties. 

Marc, Sanitary Prefect. Marc leads his classmates in keeping the school neat and clean. He encourages everyone to dispose of waste properly and pick up litter when they see it.

Pius, Class Prefect. Pius acts as a representative for his class to the administration and faculty, bringing their concerns and interests to them. 

Shedya, Assistant Dormitory Prefect. A Clover student away at boarding school, Shedya, ran for and obtained the position of Assistant Dormitory Prefect where she helps in keeping order in her dorm.

At Eaglets Academy, older students, typically ages 10-11, run for elected positions such as Head Boy, Head Girl, Time Keeper (the bell ringer for hourly change of classes), and various Prefects, club heads and Class Captains. To be elected, you must create a poster, give a speech in front of the school and then, of course, be selected by your peers in the election. The entire process requires  self-assuredness, a willingness to give more than the average student, and a good amount of courage to put oneself out there for these positions. 

Clover students face further challenges when it comes to running for student office, as a result of their socio-economic background, and have to overcome barriers such as:

Clover student campaigning for school leadership position
  • Financial backing. Materials for things like campaign posters must be independently purchased, and some positions require equipment to fulfill the role. For instance, for the position of Time Keeper, one would need a watch, a luxury most families supported by Clover cannot afford on their own. 
  • Connection to the school community. Clover students may lack some of the social connections of their peers because of their backgrounds, and may also feel self-conscious because of their family’s financial hardships. 
  • Speaking/presenting ability. Students campaigning for these roles must be able to stand in front of the school and present themselves for the position. In addition, if selected, students must be able to communicate with peers, faculty, and administration to voice their thoughts and present the wishes of the student body. Some Clover students can be shy and lack confidence because of their family’s financial situation.

Congratulations to our Clover Student Leaders. We are proud of your courage and initiative and we’re so pleased to support you in your leadership journey. Stay tuned to learn more about our Clover students and if you’d like to support the growth of our students, here are some ways you can be a part of their success.

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  • Phyllis Strimling says:

    I am so happy for these children and their leadership accomplishments. I wish them the brightest of futures — full of happiness and fulfillment — and I am so grateful to Clover for having given them their starts.

  • Katherine Roome says:

    What a wonderful, uplifting story at a time when there is so much sad news around the world.