About me: Anna Minnock

Growing up as a child, I was the youngest in my family. My two older siblings were 6 and 8 years older than me, which made it difficult for us to play together since we had such different interests. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be given an abundance of toys to play with which always kept me busy. When I was 6, my baby sister was born, and the toys that I grew up with were passed on to her. My parents really liked the idea of “recycling” my toys, then having to go out and buy new ones each time my sister needed something to play with. In early 2010, Abasi Semakula started The Clover Children’s Toy Project, based at his house in Maynard Massachusetts to collect recycled toys in a container ad ship them to his native village in Uganda, Africa. I want to place my own container at our Recycling center, or at my house, to collect toys that the recycling center no longer wants to keep. I plan on assembling a system where I’ll be able to go to houses to sort and pick up the toys for the container. I think that advertisement throughout the community would help benefit my cause by inviting more people to contribute and be apart of this great experience. I plan on working on my own adaptation of the Clover Children’s Toy Project, and furthering my involvement with providing toys to the Children in Uganda.