To Uganda We Go!

At about this time on Wednesday, Clover Board member Peter Hilton, his wife Joannie and I will be in Kampala, Uganda--where the Clover mission is a reality. We leave this evening to take two red eye flights before arriving in Entebbe. Since first organizing the Clover Foundation last December, the Clover US Board worked in close collaboration with our Ugandan partners to both develop a strong governing structure and to have established a special place in Busega, for the young children living in this extremely poor neighborhood in the Lubaga Division of Kampala,about 5 miles, southwest of Kamala's central business district.

The stars are aligned for this trip. We are now an NGO in Uganda, we are waiting to hear from the IRS on our nonprofit status (once the US government is back to work!), and the 40 children we currently serve are learning new things each day, becoming increasingly healthier and happier, having fun playing and singing, and growing in their confidence daily.

In anticipating our travel, the connections in this world that we share have never been more apparent. Whether we intentionally made the contact, or in casual conversation with friends, colleagues and strangers, we've met so very many amazingly wonderful people and organizations. We are delighted that some have become Clover partners, others helpful resources, and several essential advisors.

We are thrilled about being with the children, meeting face-to-face with our fellow board members in Uganda, getting to know the families of the children we serve--understanding their challenges, and developing connections with potential partners on the ground.

Our days will be replete and experienced with clear eyes and full hearts. As the internet as well as time will allow, we'll continue to post and share the treasures of our journey.

Stay tuned!