A Clover Story of How from Happy Children Springs a Better World

This is the tale of a young girl named Martha who never knew the word love. From the moment she was born, she was denied: her mother believed she had a boy as there is much significance to baby boys in African culture. When she took Martha home, she did not breast feed her as is the custom and refused to acknowledge Martha as her daughter, even to her other children.

Martha faced verbal abuse from her playmates and even her siblings. Martha's grandmother, a peasant farmer with no income and several grandchildren to look after, finally took her in. As Martha grew, she was frequently sick, would not speak, and appeared insecure and lonely.

Clover Program Manager, Esther Makumbi, when visiting her own grandparents, heard about Martha and her troubling story, took her into her home, and brought her to Clover.

Martha has been at Clover for several months now. She has started speaking a few words, and smiling (as you can see in the photograph above). Martha's health is improving and she calls Esther Mummy, since she knows no other.