Support a young child, Save a life, Make a difference -- Feel good!


Clover Foundation came about to make real change in the lives of children and the community of Busega, Kampala District where hope was scarce. Where extreme poverty means not enough food to eat or clean water to drink and certainly not medical care or education. As the World Health Organization acknowledges and as Princeton philosopher Peter Singer and New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof write and speak about, eradicating extreme poverty is not only the human thing to do, but it is possible to achieve during our lifetimes if we, who can, do our part.

Clover, as a group of Ugandans and Americans, realizes that to make a real difference in the lives of these children and to truly impact the dire circumstances of extreme poverty, we must partner with individuals and organizations to create a network of support to make real and positive change for these children and their community.

You can be a part of this critical effort.


As our children grow and enter primary school, the cost to support a child increases to $67 a month or $800 annually.

If contributing monthly or annually at this level is possible for you, you will personally be changing the life of a young vulnerable child who without your support will not have hope for a future.

BY SUPPORTING ONE of the CHILDREN below, you are making an impact in this world that we share in a dramatic and meaningful way. You will not only make a difference in the child's life but truly make a difference within your own as well.

Clover's most vulnerable children are introduced to you with a photo and a brief description below.


  • Identify a child you would like sponsor.
  • Contribute $500 annually or $42/month to Clover Foundation and communicate with us about how you would like to develop your relationship with this child. Clover currently also supports two boys, Rahif and Steven who have graduated Clover in January 2014 and moved on to a community primary school. To support each child in primary school the cost, as detailed above, is $67/month or $800 annually.
  • Your generous support will be combined with those of other sponsors of Clover children so that all the children will benefit.
  • Clover will provide you with regular updates about the child who you are so kindly supporting.
  • You too can communicate with the child through letters, photos, skype and email.



Pamela Nalubega


Pamela is a four year old with a radiant smile! She lives with her mother and grandmother in a two room house and her father is deceased.  She is a soft-spoken, friendly girl, but always quick to give a hug to teachers and friends. Pamela loves to read and is always handing teachers and volunteers books to read to her. She especially loves to listen to Thomas the Train Engine stories. Pamela likes rice and beans and is attentive in class. During school vacation she goes around with her big cousin selling steamed maize (corn steamed with the husks on). Pamela has always been such a jolly and happy child; Clover is enabling her to reach her huge potential! Pamela's birthday is August 15, 2010


Rahim Sseluyange

Rahim is a quiet three year old boy who lives with both his parents. His mother is a stay-at-home-mum, and his father does various jobs, currently working as a porter at a building site. Rahim is in the Middle Class at Clover, taught by Teacher Milly. She says “Rahim used to cry often when his mother dropped him off, but now he has settled in very well!” Rahim has opened up a lot since coming to Clover and has learned a handful of words in English. Clover has really enabled Rahim to build his self-esteem, and he now enjoys coming to school and kicking the soccer ball (football) with his friend Kenneth. His favorite moment at Clover, however, has to be morning song and movement—you can see the smile light up his face. Rahim’s favorite food is groundnut paste with silver fish (tiny dried fish with peanut sauce served over rice. He enjoys it so much you can see him picking out the fish one by one so savor them! Rahim's birthday November 28, 2011.


Jamillah Nantongo


Jamillah turns four next month and lives with both her parents. Her mother is a stay-at-home mum, and her father is a bodaboda driver ( drives a motorcycle taxi). Jamillah loves to read and write and is often the first one finished with her morning writing exercises. Her best friends at Clover are Sharifa, Shadia, and Rozette; they can often be found during recess chatting on the swings. Jamillah has one of the most contagious smiles at Clover. During “tablet time” she concentrates very hard on her game, but if she notices a teacher watching her, she will beam her smile at you across the room She is very proud of her accomplishments and often wants to share what she has learned that day. She is very cooperative during “tablet time” watching other students and then repeating the same motions on her own tablet. Or showing other students how to work through a tricky game. Jamillah loves to eat pineapple. Jamillah is thriving in school despite just being diagnosed with syphilis. Thanks to Clover, and director Esther she is seeing a doctor, being treated, and hopefully will recover soon! Jamillah’s birthday is March 18th, 2010.


Judith Nabaweesi


Judith is three and a half years with a deep voice. She loves rice and peas. She is friendly and helpful to her classmates, and she likes to be told everything will be alright. Judith's father abandoned the family and her mother is a house girl in Busega. During school holidays, Judith goes with her mother to work. Clover has helped Judith learn how to share and interact with her peers. Her birthday is October 17, 2010 


Rahima Namatovu and Rahif Ddamulira


Rahif and his sister Rahima are the children of Clover teacher Mary Nakangu. 

Rahima is a brilliant 4-year-old girl! Rahima’s father abandoned the family. Despite her family setbacks, Rahima loves to be at Clover! She is very smart, and often hard to keep focused, she learns so quickly. She loves showing her peers and her teachers what she has learned. Just today, Rahima was excitedly showing off a plethora of new words she learned to Clover director Esther. She especially likes to listen to music and dancing. Without Clover, not only would Rahima and her siblings be without schooling, but her family would be without a means to support themselves. Rahima’s birthday is November 23rd, 2009

Rahif New Uniform Clover Sign.jpg

Rahif is six years old and just began primary school this February. Just over a year ago, Rahif overheard his father tell his mother that he has HIV/Aids and would no longer be able to care for the family. Clover provided his mother Mary with a job in her profession and a place for her children to be cared for and learn. Rahif wants to become a doctor so other children like he and his sister do not need to suffer as they have. Rahif's birthday is March 6, 2008





Kenneth Kimanje 

IMG_2628 copy.JPG

Kenneth is 3-years-old and ives with both his parents. He is supported by his mother, who works at a hair salon, but his father is an alcoholic and does not work. Kenneth’s favorite thing to do at Clover is play with the soccer ball (football)—and his favorite word in English is “football!” He also likes to jump on the trampoline and takes any chance he gets for a hug from the teachers; he is always asking to be picked up. His favorite friend to kick the football with is Rahim Seriunge. Kenneth is quiet, but curious and eager to learn! Last year at Clover he learned to identify many objects, numbers, colors and shapes. Without Clover, Kenneth would spend his days at home, with only his 5-year-old brother to watch him all day. His birthday is November 14th, 2010.


Jaria Ssempijja 


Jaria is a three and a half year old girl who lives in the immediate neighborhood of the Clover center. Jaria lives with both of her parents and her younger sister. Her mother was very young when she had Jaria and works to support them by selling tomatoes out of a stall. If Jaria did not come to Clover, she would be with her baby sister and mother at the tomato stall. Jaria loves coming to Clover! She is very motivated to learn and grow. She loves to play with learning cards—holding up cards with pictures and telling her friends the words in English. Her best friend is Jamillah.Together they like to play on  the merry-go-round. Jaria’s birthday is June 15th, 2010.


Stephan Kwikiliza

Stephan (2).JPG

Stephan is five years old and now in Top Class. Stephan broke his right ankle last year, and suffered a bit of a set back in his writing skills. However, he is jolly and smiles now, even with out his two milk teeth. He has since recovered from his injuries and is active like any other five year old. Stephan loves to learn and is smart as a whip! He understands a lot of English and is often heard interpreting for his classmates with American volunteers. During “tablet time” Stephan spends a lot of time showing and explaining games to his peers and when a student is having trouble, they go to Stephan for But, when he gets the chance, Stephan prefers to bring his tablet to a quiet corner and concentrate on his own. His mother lost her hearing at the age of twelve due to severe malaria. Thus Stephan can only communicate to his mother through his older brother who can sign. Their father abandoned the family when Stephan was two years old. He likes football so much and enjoys singing. Since coming to Clover, Stephan has opened up and his self esteem has improved exponentially! 


Martha Nabukeera

Martha smiles here because Martha has lived with Clover program director Esther Makumbi for the past year. Esther took her in when she heard of her plight. From the moment Martha was born, she was denied: her mother believed that she was having a boy, but when Martha was born, she was not only the fifth child, she was the fifth girl. When she took Martha home, she did not breast feed her, as is the custom, and refused to acknowledge Martha as her daughter, even to her other children. Martha faced verbal abuse from her playmates and even her siblings. Martha's grandmother, a peasant farmer with no income and several grandchildren to look after, finally took her in. As Martha grew, she was frequently sick, would not speak, and appeared insecure and lonely.  Each day brings Martha closer to who she really is.  Martha is doing very well in class and really enjoys playing with her Clover friends. She loves to be read too, and will hand you books indefinitely; in fact far longer than she can actually sit still! She loves to designate every character as either a momma or a baby. Martha loves to move her body, enjoying morning song and movement. She is an incredibly friendly child, getting along with everybody at Clover. We are uncertain of Martha's birthday but know she was born in 2009.


Nulu Nabagereka 


Nabagereka Nulu is four years old and is the first born in a family of two. She is a leader in her class and a responsible girl who shows maturity at that tender age. Nulu is a fierce girl who does not let any peers push her around—teachers often observe her disciplining other misbehaving students with a shaking finger and a hard stare (it is hard for the teachers to keep a straight face while watching these interactions). Nulu rarely smiles; she tends to carry a very serious expression, but when you catch her in a moment of joy, the smile is wide and bright. Nulu lives with her mother in a very tiny one-room apartment and as a result of that she got very badly burnt with hot water last fall. She has since recovered thanks to Clover who ensures that the students receive adequate medical attention. Nulu enjoys her friends at Clover. Her birthday is July 2, 2010.


Steven New Uniform Clover Sign.jpg

Steven Kabugo

Stephan is a six-year-old boy, who is the first born in a family of three.  He has just started Primary School, after graduation from the Clover Center this past December.  Stephan is shy and quiet, but quite active.  Because he is the oldest, he is very protective of his younger brother Michael, here at the Clover center.  He loves to play football (soccer) and is especially excited to be in Primary School and in the same class with his fellow Clover graduate, Rahif, his best friend! Stephan’s family has been struggling these last few months because his father was involved in a motor vehicle accident which put him in coma for over three weeks, during which time his family did not know his whereabouts.  Now, Stephan’s father remains in the hospital and his mother is very strained emotionally, as she now is splitting her time between caring for the her husband and caring for her three small children, including a 5-month old baby.  As Stephan’s father is the breadwinner, she is also struggling financially to provide food and rent for her family during this very vulnerable time.  We at Clover have great hopes for Stephan, who is a bright, energetic, caring child who says he his favorite part of class is math. Steven's birthday is August 22, 2007.


Miriam (Grace) Banura

Marian (grace).JPG

Grace is five years old. She lives with both of her parents. She is all smiles all the time! Mariam has one of the brightest smiles at Clover! The first time she went to school was here at The Clover Center.She has shown much eagerness to learn English and is progressing well in her class work. Grace loves to talk with the American volunteers, both to learn new words and show off the ones she already knows. During “tablet time” she is stuck like glue to a teacher or volunteer so she is close by to show off when she completes a game of memory on her tablet—her favorite game. Both parents are so grateful and thankful to Clover staff and management. They believe that what was once a dream of providing education for their daughter is now a reality! When Grace came to Clover she knew no English at all, and now she is very eager to show off her English skills. Grace's birthday is September 9, 2009.


Sharifa Mumbejja


Sharifa is five and a half year old girl who lives in the very swampy area of Busega, neighbors with another Clover student, Rodney. She lives with her parents and two younger sisters, Shadia, also a student at Clover, and the youngest at one and half years old. All five of them live in a very small one-room apartment with very poor drainage. Sarifa’s father supports the family by making bricks, but cannot always find work all year round. Her mother is looking for work. During the holidays, Sharifa is often put in charge of her siblings during the day while her parents are working; in charge of supervising and cooking for her sisters. For Clover director Esther witnessing this on a visit she feels this emphasizes what Clover is about, and why we are doing this important work.  Sharifa is incredibly mature, and has struggled to take on the role of a child here at Clover. When she first came to Clover, teachers often observed Sharifa taking care of her peers instead of playing with them—she is the first to comfort a child when they are upset or hurt. The teachers often had to encourage her play and have fun. But now, Sharifa will voluntarily go outside play with her friends, without worry that she is doing something wrong. She is doing well in school and is very proud of her accomplishments! Sharifa’s mother too is incredibly proud of her and very grateful to Clover.  She has told the teachers many times over how she wants a better life for her children, so they won’t have to struggle to feed themselves and their children.  Sharifa’s birthday is August 28th 2008.

Faisal Mukedde


Faisal is a four year old who lives with both his parents.He helps his classmates put on their shoes whenever they are leaving class. He responds quickly to anyone crying in his group and we think this very caring of him. He has become a leader in his classroom. Faisal also has a sense of humor and loves to provoke trouble for a laugh! During "tablet time" he likes to hide other children's tablets. Once his peer finds the tablet, it usually results in giggles from both kids. His favorite moment is playing on the trampoline after lunch Academically, Faisal has soared! This year alone he has leaned his letters and how to count and even will lead his peers in learning too!  Faisal's brithday is December 38, 2009.



Irene Nampeera

Irene, a sweet, smart girl who just turned three this past fall. She is one of the youngest here at The Center. She is neighbors with fellow Clover student Rodney and loves playing with him, as well as Mark. Irene’s mother often spends her days washing clothes at the well near Clover, and brings Irene’s younger sibling with her when she brings an picks up Irene. If she was not at Clover, Irene too would spend her days at the well with her mother. Instead, in teacher Faith’s baby play class, Irene loves to “shade” in coloring books and listens quiet intently to story. Her favorite food is rice and watermelon for desert—often eating it with so much passion she has to change her shirt it gets so soaked with juice. Irene is doing so very well here at Clover, and we all look forward to watching her continue to grow and succeed!  Irene's birthday is September 20, 2009


Rozette Nakayiza


Rozette is a shy girl who just turned five last year! Even after a year at Clover, the teachers are still working to encourage Rozette to open up. Rozette lives with both her parents, but spends most of her time with her grandmother who sells matoke (starchy root vegetable) in the immediate neighborhood of the Clover Center. Both of Rozette’s parents leave for work very early in the morning, and drop Rosette off with her grandmother. It is hard for her elderly grandmother to bring her to Clover, so she is often late or absent, and has consequently fallen a bit behind in school. Rozette’s family has been striving to get her to Clover everyday this term, and she has already started to improve. When here, Rozette loves to play with dolls and is especially excited when samosas are served for lunch. She is also an extremely generous child, always seen sharing her toys or even her food. Even though she does not talk much, she loves to play with her friends here at Clover, especially fellow student Shadia. Rosette’s birthday is February 11th, 2009.


Rogers Nsubuga 


Rogers is five years old who is eager to learn. He will confidently walk into Clover in the morning and say good morning teacher, but that is almost all you will get from him. He is quiet and reserved, but an extremely intelligent young boy.  He is very focused during class even when his peers are rowdy or loud. During “tablet time” Roger’s is often the first to figure how to use an app and is generous with his time, showing his peers what he has learned. He most enjoys, however finding a quiet place to concentrate. Roger’s mother sells tomatoes in the neighborhood. While Rogers remains shy , Clover helped him develop his ability to communicate with his teachers and his friends at school. Rogers birthday is December 27, 2008