What we do

Empowering children with education and more.

It takes a community to help children thrive.

At the Clover Foundation, we are committed to helping the children of Busega, Kampala learn, grow, and fulfill their potential. Our dedicated, local staff operates one of the only free preschools in Busega, providing early childhood education for children ages 2-6. But that’s just the beginning. We also support each student’s health care, nutrition, and wellbeing, and operate nano-finance program to help families foster more stable home environments. Our goal is to ensure that every child has the chance to live a happy, productive life.

It’s About Education and Systemic Change

  • Early childhood education in Busega, Uganda for 42 children ages 3 to 6
  • Primary education in Busega, Uganda for 78 children for levels P1 through P7
  • Support for over 70 of the student’s families
  • Partnering with other sources of support
  • Creating a campus that is the focus of the community

Early Childhood Development

The Clover center provides a stimulating early childhood education program where the children are learning through play and creative instruction. We have three classes: Baby: 2-3 year olds, Middle: 3-4 year olds, Upper: 5-6 year olds.The children are provided 2 healthy meals and a snack daily and we ensure immunization appointments are kept for every child.

Clover is enrolling an increasing number of young children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be educated. The children at Clover are thriving emotionally and socially, and gaining the confidence they need to be the change in their community.

Continued Education

Every child at Clover is prepared to continue their education in primary school. We have identified Eaglets Academy as one of the best primary schools in the area and though the generous support of our donors, Clover children have continued their education at Eaglets.

78 children, 100% of those eligible, have graduated from Clover and have continued their education at Eaglets Academy.  Clover now has students in grades P1 through P7.

Economic Empowerment

Clover launched the Kisoboka Nano Finance Initiative in April 2016, in partnership with Ranu Mahanti of Aamara Biswas.

Kisoboka, meaning “It Is Possible” in Luganda seeks to enable mothers of Clover children to improve their livelihoods, so that they in turn can create a better home environment for their children. This initiative provides interest free “nano” loans equivalent to $10-$20, payable within one year, to moms who may already have a small business, to moms interested in starting a new business, as well as to a group of moms who organize to pool their loans to build a business such as a poultry farm, greenhouses, clean water remediation, a store. Loans are only given to women, as they are statistically most likely to invest the extra income back into their homes and families.

Since it’s inception, 60 Clover moms have joined Kisoboka and many moms have taken over a dozen loans! Businesses include chicken rearing, urban farming, food-stand, craft-making, and brick-making. With extra income comes more stability. Our mothers in the program have reported higher rates of food security, and the ability to afford safer, more stable homes to rent for their families.

Disaster Relief

Our response to COVID-19

  • While stable for now, the health and economic conditions in Uganda are perilous
  • The closure of street traffic, while appropriate and necessary, has put our students and families under even greater pressure
  • Clover’s US Board has increased funding to Uganda to our maximum capability
  • Our Uganda board has been proactive in this crisis and has become recognized as community leaders

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Clover Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an NGO in Uganda. We count on your support to help children in Kampala learn, grow and thrive.

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