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A Guide to Giving: How You Can Make an Impact During Poverty Awareness Month

By January 26, 2023No Comments

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.” – Nelson Mandela

January is Poverty Awareness Month, a time to learn more about this international social problem, raise awareness, and understand how everyone can help. Nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $2.50/day, with over 1.3 billion living in extreme poverty, less than $1.25/day. Women and children make up the majority of those living in poverty, with 1.6 billion children and approximately 1 billion women living in poverty. Poverty is more than not being able to buy food, clothes, and adequate shelter. It means limited access to health care, sanitation and basic education. 

I’m grateful for the hard work of our team at Clover Foundation and the community members whose efforts have made possible the many milestones achieved. With your help, we’ve made great strides toward breaking the cycle of poverty in Kampala, Uganda. As you look for ways to express your gratitude today and throughout the months ahead, I’d like to share some simple ways to do that while helping support the valuable work of Clover Foundation.

Employer Matching

When making your charitable contribution, take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Set up as a company benefit, matching gifts are a type of giving program that can double your impact! How does it work? After you make your donation to an eligible nonprofit like Clover Foundation, submit a matching gift request to your employer. The company will then make a “matching” donation to that same nonprofit. Not sure if your company has a matching gift program? Ask your human resources department, and if they don’t, ask if they’d be open to starting one, it can be a great tax benefit and wonderful morale booster.

Sustaining Donor

While a one-time gift certainly makes a difference, our Sustaining Donors make a lasting impact on our students and families. For as little as $10/month, you could be providing lunch to an entire classroom. Increase that to $100/month and you could support the needs of a classroom for an entire week! Becoming a Sustaining Donor is easy and satisfying. Let us show you how you can make a huge impact with even a small, ongoing gift.

Corporate Donors

If you’re an employer, please consider naming Clover Foundation as one of your options for your matching gift program. It’s a great way to foster community, philanthropy, and gratitude among your employees while also realizing some potential tax benefits. Contact me to find out more.

As we reflect on our fortunes and consider the ways we can make strides toward ending global poverty, I hope that you choose to make Clover Foundation a part of those efforts. The above are just a few ways to make Clover Foundation a part of your charitable giving. Please feel free to reach out to me or any other member of our team to discuss other ways you can support our mission.


Wade Callison

President, Clover Foundation

(Photo by Zara Tzanev for Clover Foundation)