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Dear Valued Friends of Clover,

As the chill of winter comes to an end here in Massachusetts, we are happy to share a heartwarming update from Uganda; the new academic year has commenced, and thanks to your unwavering support, our children are back in their classrooms, eager to embark on another year of learning and growth (In Uganda, the school year coincides with the calendar year).

Your contributions not only open the doors of education for the young people we support but, as we saw in our communications last year, also instill hope and bring joy to their parents and caregivers.

Clover girls line up at the beginning of the 2024 new year.

As they settle into their new classes, their faces lit with curiosity and determination, we are reminded of the powerful impact of your kindness.

Looking ahead, in 2024 we aim not only to sustain but enhance the quality of education and care provided to our children. This includes working towards upgrading our educational resources, providing holistic health support, and fostering an environment where every child can thrive.

Your donations, whether big or small, create ripples of change that transform lives.

Clover boys line up at the beginning of the 2024 new year.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out various fundraising initiatives, and we hope to have your enthusiastic participation. Together, we can ensure that 2024 is not just another year, but a chapter of remarkable achievements and joyous milestones for our children.

We cannot thank you enough for being a part of the Clover family. Your generosity and belief in our cause fuel our daily efforts. Let us continue to join hands and hearts in creating a brighter future for these deserving children.

With heartfelt gratitude from all of us at Clover.