About Pius

Pius, a Ugandan by nationality, holds a Bachelors of Education Degree (MUK 2009) and a Diploma in Education (ITEK 2000). He is in his final year of studies for the award of an MBA from IGNOU India. He holds several certificates in various fields including project planning and management, information technology,  business process outsourcing, social work and community development and police related trainings. Pius is particularly interested in uplifting the plight of vulnerable people. It is this that drove him to form a community-based organization called Schools and Students Action on Aids (SASA) that is operating in Kayunga District. He has seen misery of orphans and vulnerable children firsthand through his eleven years of dedicated service with the Uganda Police Force. In his course of work, he has protected the rights of these disadvantaged children by providing love, care, and protection as many of them do not have any protection at all. Pius is also board member of  CCSF and lives in Kampala with his family.

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