Clover Open House, Sunday May 19, 2013

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lover past President, Salma Semakula, greeting guests at Clover's first event to raise awareness.

lover past President, Salma Semakula, greeting guests at Clover's first event to raise awareness.

More than 50 friends, families and colleagues, joined the Clover Board of Directors for Clover's first Open House on Sunday, May 19.  As Clover's first public event, the intent was to spread the word, to create an awareness of the desperate plight of young vulnerable children living in Uganda.

Board member Peter Hilton introduced Clover President Salma Semakula and Board Chair April Stone. Along with a visual presentation, Salma spoke of the need that inspired her to begin the Clover Foundation and what the organization is doing today on the ground in Busega, Kampala, Uganda.  April continued by introducing the board, and highlighting WHY CLOVER, recognizing that while there are many worthwhile causes and organizations asking for interest and support, that Clover is what aid is intended to be as Clover is helping those in need to help themselves.  In providing a response to Why Clover, the following points were highlighted:

1.    The Clover Foundation is a US and Ugandan organization operating as one, with a shared commitment to providing a safe, healthy and engaging environment for the young children living in poverty in Uganda. As an international nonprofit, we are strong both in the US (board, legal advisors), as well as on the ground in Busega with an operations board of family and friends of the Semakulas, which allows us the extraordinary asset of a strong bond of trust, which is huge when working in developing countries.
2.  Our mission is focused and effective. We are focused on addressing the needs of young children living in poverty: hunger and malnutrition, disease, abuse, neglect by providing a safe place to be while parent(s) are at work, food security, pre-school education, and a loving care, all of which nurture the healthy development, physically, cognitively and emotionally of these children.
3.  We are committed to creating positive and sustainable impact
 in the slums of Uganda by working closely with the communities we serve and through carefully structured partnerships with other NGOs that will enable Clover to follow the children we serve through to adulthood to ensure their ability to be independent, responsible, productive adults.

Guests were also provided with many ways they could be involved with the Clover Foundation:

a.      Spreading the word to a dozen friends, having them sign on to our website, of course “like” us on FB, proudly wear your Clover bracelet

b.      Collecting and Donating provisions – programmatic provisions needed are on the Clover website 

c.      Contact us and join our operations team or advisory council

d.      Or, yes, you can contribute!