Friends of the
Clover Foundation

Online or by mail to Clover Foundation, PO Box 91, Concord MA 01742.     Clover Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. (EIN 46-2427589)

Online or by mail to Clover Foundation, PO Box 91, Concord MA 01742.

Clover Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. (EIN 46-2427589)

The Clover Foundation is very grateful for the support of the following individuals and organizations during 2015. Their generosity has had an enormous impact on the lives of the 62 Clover students, providing them with pre-school and elementary education, 2 healthy meals and a snack daily, inoculations and emergency care. Thank you for the many ways you have contributed to Clover!

Susan Abrams, Julie Rohwein and Jonathan Aibel, David Albenberg, Deborah Albenberg, Bobbi and Jerry Albenberg, Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert, Janety Abeba, Amy Davis and William W. Ambrose, Shelley Amster,  Ray Andrews, Carol Aronson, Sheila Heinemann, Christa and Gordon Bennett, Anne Berndtson, Bara Blender, Elisabeth and Alain Bojarski, Carrie and Tom Bolf, Beth Bourque, Drs. Heidi Kummer and Karl Breuing, Steve Cadwell, Marjorie Callahan, Wade Callison, Yona and Peter Carmichael, Lays Carpenter, Irene Chu and Cindy Dechristofaros, Lisa and Bob Cohen, Patricia Conway, Holly and John Crassly, Pamela Curran, Ellen and Michael Davin, Mildred Davis, Pamela Jean Davis, Nancy DeAngelo, MaryAnn and Chris Deignan, Susan Dodd, Martha and Don Dolben, Laura Donovan, Charlotte and Jacques Dumas, Sally Ann Edwards, Jeff Eiden, Stephanie and Russell Eisenstadt, Eliza Epstein, Helen and Hal Epstein, Helen and Steve Epstein, April Stone and Michael Epstein, Joyce and Walter Eriksen, Anastasia Fayerman, Odile and Barry Eidelman, First Church of Christ, Lancaster, MA, Andrew Fisher, Jeffrey Fisher, Patricia Fleischauer, Sandra Folk, Karen Trittipo and David Freedman, Shirley R. Fried, Miriam and Philip Friedman, Diane and Arthur Fulmar, Sandy and Joel Garrelick, Marne Geller, Louise Gerhart, Barbara and Joseph Goldstein*, Nancy Gordon, Patrice and Ted Gotsch, Leo Gray, Robin Hazel, Lori Bess Welden and David Hilton, Jodi Hilton, Joannie and Peter Hilton, David Hoffman, Tom Houston, Marge Houy, Niki and Shawn Jewell, Faith Johnson, Madhavi Kamireddi, Karen and John Kane, Barbara Karten, The Keel Foundation, Judith M. Kirshner, Beverly Koenigsberg, Anne and Josef Kottler, Ginny Kremer, Judy and Peter Kugel, Nancy Kuziemski, Joyce and David Lamensdorf, Betsy Lawson, Warren Leon, Ronnie and Phil Levine, Sharla Levine, Jane Lifton, Jean and Alan Lightman, Don Lippincott, Christa and Michael Lubatkin, Janet Mahoney, Susan and Neil Markson, Pamela Marston, Jackie Rosenbloom and Jeff Mazur, Gregor McGregor, Susan Mcleish, Margarita and Paul Medini, Jessica and Noel Meller, Diane and Bill Mercer, Corinne Meyer, Deborah and Gary Miller, Susan Brager Murphy, Debra and Gary Monzon, D'Anne Bodman and Harvey Nosowitz, Jill O’Brien, The Olsen Family, Dorothy and Charles Omer, Carol Ott, Elizabeth Jennings Pekkala, Barbara Peters, Weezy and John Petrie, Bonnie and David Polakoff, Hannah Polakoff, Stephanie Reid, Ellen Murland and Barbara Rinkoff, Steven Rinkoff, Cindy Rubin and David Rogers, Katherine Roome, Laurel Royer, Wade Rubinstein, Lisa and Mohammed Sajedi, Robert Schwerin, Hanna Sherman and Daniel Sheff, Lee and Dan Shepard, Christine Siegrist, Amy Simon, Abha and Anil Signal, Kitty Stein, Jonathan Strimling, Nicole Strimling, Phyllis Strimling, Sharon Strimling, Margaret and Charles Stromeyer, Primus Suffren, Mara Mintzer and Harry Surden, Frances Lewitter and Jon Sutton, Tailored for Success, Hilary Taylor, Margo Terris, Debra Stone and George Tonelli, Susan Twombly, Margaret Walsh, Deena and Ronald Whitfield, Women’s Global Giving Circle, Susan and Amir Viskin, Andrea Strimling Yodsampa, Phyllis Young, Rebecca R. Young Jones, Gabrielle and Jerry Zadow, Miriam and David Zarchan, Sannah Ziama