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Controlling the community spread of COVID-19

Uganda, with its early lockdown and border closure, has been very successful in controlling the community spread of COVID-19. But, as elsewhere, the cost to the neediest is highest.

Most of our students live in single-parent households. As in other parts of Africa, it is their mother who is the backbone of the family. She is the daily wage earner and she feeds and clothes her family and worries about their health. Often, she eats only the noon meal to have more food for her children. And now with little chance of income during the lockdown, she and her children are living on the edge.

Even more difficult is the life of a few Clover mothers who are HIV positive. They receive free medication that they can get at a government-run clinic, but often it is not in their neighborhood. Many must take their medication more than once a day and always with food and they are at greater risk when their caloric intake drops. They are at even greater risk if there is not enough food and so their family’s life is much more complicated.

Esther Makumbi, director of Clover Pre-School, is a strong advocate for all Clover mothers. To help HIV mothers, she worked with the local community council to determine how they can get their medication near their homes. She also made sure they receive additional food from Clover to stay healthy. When Esther and her teachers deliver bi-weekly packets of food, sanitary products and soap to Clover’s families, they are careful to check on the HIV mothers to see how they are faring.

Once school is again in session, our mothers, and especially the HIV mothers, still will be struggling to feed their families. Clover will provide an additional meal at the Pre-School and will continue to give food packets to the neediest families to help them get back on their feet.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, your donations have helped to create a safety net for Clover families, one that tells all our mothers that their children – and they, too – are cared for during this crisis. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

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