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Clover has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2013, but we have a long way to go to help finish the job that we started. Our goal is for Clover Uganda to become a self sustaining organization supporting our Clover children through revenues from paying students in a newly built primary school.


There are two initiatives that are important to our future:

  1. Building a new preschool and primary school
  2. Partnering with other organizations to ensure our students graduating from primary school have opportunities to continue their education
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Building Clover’s future, brick by brick

Building a new school is no small task. Architectural design and physical construction is one thing, but as important is building the institution. Hiring teachers and staff, organizing the curriculum, and running a successful primary school takes dedication,organization, and work.

It also takes community. Clover is rich in resources— families, community leaders, and most importantly a visionary team of talented and dedicated individuals. Crafting a new school is about more than bricks and mortar — it is about creating a place where the Clover community lives and flourishes.

Gavin Robb, Design Architect

Building on Original Property
Proposed Building
New Preschool
Preschool Interior

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New School Design

 In 2013, Peter Hilton, one of the Co-founders of Clover, had made a promise to Esther Makumbi, the Clover Uganda School Director, that we would move the school out of her home to a new building. We purchased a plot of land in the Busega area in 2017 and found an architect and now US board member, Gavin Robb, who was willing to donate his time to design a new school building.
The Clover Ugandan Board proposed the idea of building a primary school along with the preschool, where there would be non-Clover paying students subsidizing our Clover students to create a self sustaining entity.
With the help of Adengo Architecture, an architecture firm in Kampala, Garrett Jones of Thornton Tomasetti in Fort Worth, and Tetra Designs in Kampala, we have moved ahead and will be putting the project out to bid to firms in Kampala.

Expanding Our Reach

“We have great expectations for our Clover students and don’t want to see them selling vegetables on the street after they graduate.”

—Ivan Makumbi, the Chair of the Clover Uganda Board

With all the success that Clover has had, there is still much to do. Ultimately, our goal is that Clover Uganda becomes a self sustaining organization through the revenues from the new school. However, this will only take our students through primary school. Already, some of our original Clover students are close to graduating from primary school.

We are looking for partners to help guide our students after primary education and beyond.

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