Change a Life, Sponsor a Child

Clover Foundation came about to make real change in the lives of children in the community of Busega, Kampala, where hope was scarce and there is not enough food or clean water, and certainly not medical care or the opportunity for an education.  As the World Health Organization acknowledges and New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof writes, eradicating extreme poverty is not only the human thing to do, it is possible to achieve during our lifetimes if we, who can, do our part.

Your sponsorship will support a child for a year with education, nourishing food, medical care and the love and attention deserving of every child. You may select a specific child to sponsor. Clover will help you develop a relationship with this child through letters, photographs and regular updates. We know that you will be inspired by the impact of your gift. 

A gift of $500 creates a sponsorship for one of the 40 children at the Clover pre-school, or one of the 50+ students at the Eaglets Academy primary school. We anticipate 10 additional Clover graduates to enroll at the Academy in January 2020! 

After you make your donation you will be contacted by a board member to discuss your sponsorship!